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  • Decaying APY - starting at 20,000%
  • NFT’s boost your rewards with a termly APY
  • Blockchain Certificate of Deposit
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Why Delta?

  • We are launching on Avalanche
  • Rewards paid in periodically stablecoins and native the $Delta tokens
  • NFT permanent rewards boosters, with up to 4000% APY
  • 1/3 of all tokens burned, a game changing deflationary system, always pumping price
  • Audit planned and roadmaps in place for marketing and cutting-edge NFT features
  • James Pelton, Paul Dutton and advising and providing expertise
  • Lock up any amount for a period between 7 to 730 days and the "Longer Pays Better"


V2 Motorsport NFT's coming soon.....backed by real world teams and drivers

Delta X Motorsport

NFT's backed by the real motorsport industry



Starting with Ceran Sokhi Singh Racing

The Future of Investing has Arrived

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are popular investment vehicles that are administered by banks. Hundreds of millions of people use them around the world, creating a multi trillion-dollar market. Delta has taken the concept of CDs and improved it greatly by removing banking costs, adding sustainability and reliability, and turning it into a decentralised cryptocurrency

You can "Stake" your Delta by putting money up for a period of 7 to 730 days (1 week to 2 years). Every day, your Stake earns rewards, and the amount depends on the length of your Stake: "Longer Pays Better." Delta Stakes' APY begins to decay starting at 20,000 percent, with NFTs providing a permanent non-decaying boost for one term, whereas standard bank CDs average less than a 2%. Aside from the extraordinary yield, the Delta price is expected to rise because of our inflation-fighting 1/3 burning mechanism, which makes our token deflationary.

Delta operates without a centralised entity, bureaucracy, or overhead. Delta is an easy-to-use, high-yield investment instrument that turns you into the bank.

Available Core NFTs Below are the currently available NFTs, get yourself one before we run out of supply!



  • Has a fixed 600% APY for 1 term attached to your capital when you deposit your $Delta
Buy Alpha: 2 AVAX + GAS



  • Has a fixed 1800% APY for 1 term attached to your capital when you deposit your $Delta
  • Gives you automatic access to our exclusive whitelist presale for protocol launch
Buy Beta: 8 AVAX + GAS



  • Has a fixed 4000% APY for 1 term attached to your capital when you deposit your $Delta
  • Gives you automatic access to our exclusive whitelist presale for protocol launch
Buy Gamma: 14 AVAX + GAS

How We Pay and Manage the APY


Through a dynamic taxing system off all buys and sells across the board, no matter if we are skyrocketing upwards or downwards the treasury will be ever expanding

Bonds and Emissions

Buy Delta tokens at a discounted price vested back to you over a period of at least a week - this contributes to the treasury and funds our APY

NFT Sales

With periodic NFT sales that have real world utility happening every term, the treasury will always be ever growing and able to fund the APY no matter what the market

Sustainable Tokenomics Explained

Decaying APY at 20,000

We have a lower base APY that is continually decaying to manage and sustainably pay out rewards that can be both realistic and long term for all investors with Delta Finance

Super utility with NFT's

The first protocol to bring on chain utility to our project, buy a Delta NFT from the radiation collection to sustain a consistent APY and gain exclusive access to the Whitelist token presale

Stablecoin payout

Once again leading the industry with game changing tokenomics that guarantee long term sustainability, with rewards paid out periodically in stablecoins and native $Delta tokens

Stablecoins Keep holders Safe by:

  • With stablecoins being paid out periodically - a feet never done before in crypto, you can be rest assured that a huge bulk of your capital is safe and not exposed to the volatile market that is the crypto world
  • Incentivised Passive Gains Keep holders Safe by:

    • By simply buying and depositing delta tokens we will pay you out FOR FREE everyday compounded. Until your deposit ends!!
      Although values mentioned apply only if the token price remains the same and that the you hold the protocol for ideally a year!

    Whale Proof Keep holders Safe by:

    • Many investors avoid projects with Whales because they are afraid about massive dumps down the road. Whales are welcome to come and invest with us at Delta. During times of huge sell-offs, our buy and sell taxes keep the protocol afloat by supporting our treasury while our investors profit!

    Roadmap Q1-2 2022

    PHASE 1

    • Build Discord

    • Release marketing deck

    • Release whitepaper

    • Launch website

    • Build Instagram, Twitter and Medium following

    • Launch marketing campaign for yield boosting NFT's with AMA's

    • Hold a Whitelist and Public Presale

    • Hold a "yield boosting" NFT sale on May 16th

    PHASE 2

    • Launch 6 figure bounty programme

    • 2nd marketing campaign with AMA's

    • Digital Content drive - Medium, Twitter

    • 2nd Social media drive - Discord and Telegram

    • Conduct a KYC Audit

    • Testing phase - Thorough testing on AVAX testnet

    • Whitelist and Public Presale

    • release WP, the savings account of the future!

    Meet the team

    Yusuph - CEO/Founder

    With over a decade of experience in running business, organisations, as well as an avid investor, providing some of the industry's best marketing expertise to a wealth of projects Yusuph combines both real world skills and on chain ability to be the perfect driving force for what Delta has in store in the future.

    Chase Kluck - CTO

    Chase, a Software Developer and former National Team Sprinter, brings to the Delta Finance team new ideas, energy, and passion. He supplies the fuel for Delta Finance's future with his high level of professionalism and charismatic personality. - COO

    Being a financial advisor in the real world himself and with years of experience in the crypto industry, Qris Monocle will be on the team as chief operating officer and keeping us in check, providing us with his invaluable insights, knowledge of the market and finance management skills

    James Pelton - Senior Advisor

    With his huge influence and precedence in the crypto world James is helping to advise and oversee operations within the protocol

    Paul Dutton - Advisor

    A Defi enthusiast with a passion for educating those operating in the space, and helping others to make passive income and ultimately change their lives for the better. With a background in training, IT and consultancy, Paul brings a wealth of experience of real world business operations to the project team.

    Jay - Ch. of Mark

    An array of skills from content creation and social media marketing to ecommerce and even sound design. Jayden wants to be known as an artist, creator and innovator, and has dedicated himself to helping shape the future at Delta Finance.

    Horatiu Botez - PRO

    Specialist in building and maintaining the positive image of Delta Finance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are the questions we hear more often.

    Why are there taxes?

    Long-term holding is encouraged by taxes, which reward you for your investment in the enterprise. Here's how it works
    Taxes keep panic selling at bay.
    Investors must decide whether they are willing to pay a percent tax to sell their tokens or continue earning percent interest by holding them.

    What are your official social media links?

    Twitter - Instagram -
    Discord server -
    Medium -
    Email -

    What is Delta Finance?

    Delta Finance is a project in the Cryptocurrency decentralised finance field that offers a simple, secure, and rewarding way to grow wealth through passive income.

    What is APY?

    The term "APY" stands for "Annual Percentage Yield." This implies that you will be paid interest on the amount in your account each year. The higher the annual percentage yield, the better.

    Don't see the answer you need ?

    That's ok. Just drop a message and we will get back to you ASAP.